Graham Angus Farm

Home to an Angus Commercial Cattle herd

known for its excellent genetics

Graham Angus Farm has a sister farm in Calhoun County, GA. This Pecan Farm is home to 21,000 Pecan trees representing 30 varieties.

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Graham Angus Farm includes pastureland, open areas, timberland, and wetlands.

A family-owned business founded in South Florida in 1947, the farm was to provide bulls for our growing commercial herd. In 1955, the Graham Angus herd was moved to its current location in Albany, GA. Bill Graham directed the growth of the herd, and his Angus program was to raise Angus bulls that would improve the economic efficiency of herds in the southeastern US, particularly Florida, and Georgia.

Improving the economic efficiency of the herds was achieved by looking at breed ability, milk production, ease of calving, carcass quality and growth.

Bill Graham’s contributions led to his recognition and induction into the Angus Heritage Foundation’s Hall of Fame. Today, while the program has changed toward a commercial cattle herd, farmers from all over the Southeast states continue to seek Graham Angus cattle.


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